The footage was filmed by the BBC’s Human Planet series shows a Tribe known as the Panoan, who live in virtual isolation from the outside world.

The team needed too get footage of the Tribe as proof of their existence so as the government could protect them from illegal logging and mining operations.

First photos were taken by Brazil’s Indian Affairs Department, which monitors the indigenous groups using aircraft. Members of the Tribe are seen covered in red paint (known as urucum), which is made from seeds from the annatto shrub. Indigenous people use it to colour hammocks and baskets, as well as their skin. The group is also seen using steel machetes- which must ultimately have been obtained from outside the Forest.

Fiona Watson, field and research director for Survival International, said the people are likely to have acquired these through trading links with other Forest Tribes. ‘These networks have been in existence for centuries and I don’t think they will have had any contact with non-tribal people, because if they had, the chances of being killed or contracting a disease to which they have no immunity are very high’, said Ms Watson. Ms Watson added that some authorities denied the existence of such tribal groups in the Forest, in order to further their aims..

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